Moves like Sasquatch

Sasquatch tries to impress the ladies with his sexy dance moves and rock’n’roll wig!

The first time I drew Ole’ Sassy, I gave him rock and roll hair. Then I tried to make a comic where he finds a poster of Elvis, fashions a wig from forest components, and tries to get lucky, but that was too much for one page. But this weekend it hit me! He should dance and sing his way into her heart! What do you think, will it work? ;)

Hay Ride!

I grew up in a semi-rural area called Robbins Station. Once farmlands and woods, it is slowly being consumed by yuppie housing plans. When I was 14, my parents built a house exactly 1/2 mile away from my childhood home, which took us that much deeper into “The Station”. Our new neighbors were one of the last vestiges of back-woodsy life in the area.

On certain Sundays, my neighbor (who was 14 like me)  would hitch a cart filled with hay to his tractor and take his mother for a ride, while she drank beer and smoked cigarettes. We were usually sitting on the front porch, so he would wave and cheer at us as they passed by.


True story…
I’m almost always cold so I wear alot of layers and scarves in the winter. I don’t know what was more incredulous: the fact that my co-worker thought I was pregnant or her exclamation of “Thank God!”. I mean, what if I had been pregnant and excited about it? Either way, it was a great foot in mouth moment.

And don’t even get me started on the squeezing…