My Favorite Maury Quotes: Joe’s Workbench

This is Joe, my all-time favorite Maury guest. For one of his appearances (and he made 6) he gave us a tour of his love nest, including his “workbench”. I inked this using my new lightbox :D

I’m making a small collection of my favorite Maury quotes, the ones I will never forget, so stay tuned!

Virginia is a People Name: Volume TWO!!



Behold the cover of my brand new collection of comics, which features three never-before-seen drawings! The cover is also an unpublished cartoon called “Flap Your Wingz!” and was inspired by Kirstie Alley. It is hand colored and hand sewn with turquoise thread. Drawn and assembled with love and care!

Check it out on Etsy:


Enrich page 1

This is the first in a series of comic book pages I am making for a Pittsburgh company called Enrich. They work in industrial water purification (to prevent Legionnaires disease) and they are awesome. The comic will follow the Enrich team (featuring my own personal hero and comic counterpart Erik) as they fight Lee Ginnella, a giant, evil Legionnella bent on world domination.

Words and Phrases for getting Arahnd Pittsburgh

Words and Phrases for getting Arahnd Pittsburgh: an illustrated guide

A collection of words and phrases found only in Pittsburgh! Each 15 page book is hand painted and signed by yours truly. This handsome guide features the spelling, pronunciation and definition of each word and is fully illustrated. Click the link below to see some of the entries!

I just finished making a batch of these bad boys…get ‘em while they’re hot!